Children who have not completed the age of six on the 31st of May of the year of admission cannot be admitted to the First standard.

A new pupil who joins fresh from a private school has to produce official Birth Certificate such as a Municipal or Panchayat in support of the date of birth entered in the admission form.

A new pupil who has attended any recognized school cannot be admitted without a Leaving Certificate and in the case of pupils from outside of Kerala State; the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the local educational officer of the state from which they come.Pupils who have not attended a recognised school previously may be admitted as private study pupils by passing a qualifying examination arranged by the Principal.

    • A withdrawal of the student during the school year is not generally allowed. But if a child is withdrawn mid – year – TC, mark sheet will be given only on payment of fees for the whole year (12 months).
    • At the end of an academic year if parents choose to withdraw their ward from school, TC application should be submitted before the closing day of the school or a date specified by the school authority.
    • School authorities need to be intimated, about your plan to withdraw your child, early enough before the order is given for books and other school items. If one fails to do so the parents have to pay for the books ordered also before receiving the TC.
    • Parents with a possibility of transfer need to intimate the school authorities, so that it will help the school to take the necessary action and preparations for the possible eventualities.
    • School will not issue TC in short notice. It will be issued only after five working days after receiving the application.
    • During school office vacation days TC will not be issued.
    • Parents are required to sign an acknowledgement receipt before taking the documents – TC, Progress Report Book /card.
    • There will be no TC for KG but a letter acknowledging their completion of their kindergarten and progress report card will be given from school on request.


  • New admissions for the next academic year begin in November.
  • If a student has a brother or sister who desire admission for the next academic year will have to fill in the request slip at the office at the end of October.