1. Maria Agnes English Medium Convent School is under the management of the congregation of “Pious Workers of St. Joseph’s Convent”.
  2. The school stands for academic excellence, development of skill and character formation based on the love of God and the service of man, as modelled in Jesus Christ, with the view of training citizens distinguished for their all around development and sincere commitment to God and country.
  3. The academic year begins in June. It consists of three terms – 1st term – May to August, 2nd term – September to December and 3rd term – January to March.
  4. The course of studies of the school is arranged according to the syllabus laid by the “Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination”.It consists of ten years, and prepares the pupils for the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination).
  5. All students are expected to be well disciplined and law abiding. A sense of mutual respect and a feeling of oneness among the students have to be developed and maintained during the stay in the school. Instructions and guidelines given by the teachers must be observed strictly with respect. A peaceful atmosphere must prevail inside the class and in the campus. All rules and regulations enshrined in the Diary must be strictly followed.
  6. The school authorities will provide the best facilities possible for a conducive atmosphere for better learning and formation of character and personality. We appeal to the parents and guardians to extend their unabated cooperation to project this school as an ideal educational institution worthy of emulation.
  7. The working hours of the school are from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm covering eight periods. However students are required to reach the campus before 9:00 am. Late comers shall be penalized.
  8. It is absolutely necessary for the children to be present on all working days. However leave of absence will be granted for genuine reasons. The parent is expected to apply for leave on behalf of the child. Children absenting on medical grounds must produce medical certificate from Registered Medical Practitioner, when they resume classes. 85% attendance shall be the minimum requirement for promotion. However, the Principal reserves the right to relax it on genuine reasons.
  9. A student who absents from class for more than 15 days continuously without prior notification or approval shall be removed from the rolls.
    If he or she turns up later it shall be a case of new admission.
  10. To improve the standard of vocabulary in English, the medium of conversation shall be English in the campus.
  11. A pupil may be dismissed from school on account of misconduct, irregular attendance and malpractice in the examination. If the behaviour of a student either inside or outside the school campus tarnishes the good image of the school, he /she shall be penalized accordingly to an extent of dismissal from school.
  12. Pupils are expected to participate in the school activities and functions, if they are selected for it. Outdoor games, drill and gymnastics are compulsory unless a doctor’s certificate is produced.
  13. If the parents have any urgent message or to apply for leave, they may use the relevant portions given in the diary for that purpose.