The teachers are carefully recruited with due weightage given to their academic qualification, professional training, experience and their attitudes towards children and teaching. After recruitment, the teacher’s performance is systematically appraised and the confirmation given strictly on the basis of the performance appraisal. As the school stands for academic excellence and achievement of the full potential of the pupils, the teaching staff consists of specialists in different subjects/fields. The selection of the teachers is conducted taking into account various aspects like communication skill, accent, expression, proficiency in co-curricular activities and above all the overall personality. There are 52 teachers and 8 members of the non-teaching staff.

Class Rooms

The classrooms of our school are organized and equipped with digitally equipped with smartclass. The child can touch, hear and see the world with the help of the sense organs.

Computer Lab

A computer lab with the most modern PC’s is functioning in the school. It is used to enable the children to familiar with the computer. A good collection of CD’s catering to all particular age group is maintained in the school. The children become familiar with the computer at a very young age itself.


A good collection of books for all students are maintained in the library.During the library period students are given story books to read. Students understand the story through the dramatization carried out by the teacher. The students are given a creative worksheet on the basis of the story read.